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UNECE RFSD: Water pressure

Please join theUNECE RFSD side event «Water pressure: Sector specific
public allocation for women’s empowerment – clean, affordable and
gender equitable access to water».

The main objective will be to assess the impacts of accessible,
affordable and clean water and sanitation on the lives of women, their
families as well as communities at large, including by considering:

·         The inextricability of SDGs 5 and 6,  and the complexities
of women’s status regarding water

·         The criteria of Human Rights to Water and Sanitation (HRWS)
and the cross-cutting Human Rights principles.

·         The importance of disaggregated data in examining
disparities in terms of access but also in identifying the root causes
of inequalities.

The expected outcomes, to be considered through discussion of
questions as indicated in the agenda, will be the identification of
straightforward, workable and affordable solutions and barriers to be
addressed, to improve access to water and sanitation for women and
girls, in particular, and the communities in which they live, in


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