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Halfway towards 2030

Halfway towards 2030

-Russian regions, cities and businesses -accelerating transformations to achieving SDGs in the ECE region

The event will focus on the current achievements and lessons learnt from SDGs’ strategies and practices. Within the framework of the event, the participants will consider sustainable practices of Russia, which are implemented in various sectors, at variouslevels and can be expanded and replicated in the region.

Sustainable strategies, partnerships, business projects related to the SDGs 6, 7, 9, 11 and 17 along with the Voluntary local reviews of Russian regions and cities will be presented and discussed. Special attention will be devoted to plans for the second halfway towards 2030.

The event will feature representatives of the Russian Regions (Ministers and members of the Government from Moscow, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Sverdlovsk, Samara regions and others), heads and members of the NGOs, top managers from business, professors from the top Russian Universities, representatives of the UN bodies, representatives of the Russian and other countries embassies and missions.

The participants will briefly speak on issues relevant to the Forum and proceed to fruitful discussions based also on the experience accumulated from previous events.

Об авторе

Любовь Мосеева-Элье

юрист-правозащитница, многодетная мать и бабушка, блогерка

полная биография тут: http://antipytki.ru/expert/moseeva-ele-lyubov-aleksandrovna-helier-bk-ru/

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