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Is it possible for a person to understand artificial intelligence

The purpose of the study is the cognition of artificial intelligence by man.

The relevance of this problem is due to the fact that nowadays AI plays a very important role in the development of the economy, technology, the public sphere and scientific enterprises. Nevertheless, when AI manages to make successful predictions that go beyond the statistical margin of error, many people continue to doubt and are afraid to trust it if its results cannot be described in simple words. Our desire to know and understand everything has an instinctive nature and reflects our anthropological approach to this issue. But such a method can be extremely short-sighted and cause a lot of issues related to the evaluation and interpretation of AI, so it is critical to move on to understanding how exactly a person can know artificial intelligence.

The main result will help to understand whether we can understand and identify the mind of artificial intelligence in the near future.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, epistemology, Biocomputing, ANI, AGI, ASI



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