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Refugee Solidarity Week

Compulsory home isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been introduced in almost all of Russia. A huge number of people have found themselves in a difficult situation. Among them are refugees, persons with temporary asylum status and asylum seekers. Often this category of people is not able to work remotely, which means that it is completely deprived of livelihoods. But refugees need to rent housing, look for funds to feed their families, help children continue their education remotely. In addition, internally displaced persons have limited access to health services and medicines.

The coronavirus does not choose — everyone is equal before it, but millions of refugees are much more defenseless against COVID-19 than the rest.

What everyone can do now to support people who, as a result of war and persecution, find themselves in a foreign country on the verge of survival:

1. To tell about the aggravated situation of refugees and asylum seekers in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic to friends, colleagues and relatives, sharing this information.

2. Become a volunteer of the Integration Center “Same Children” and conduct online classes for refugee children in Russian and school subjects. To do this, fill out a form or write a personal message on the Center’s Facebook page.

3. Become an online volunteer and help refugees learn Russian. To do this, fill out a volunteer form.

4. Support the St. Petersburg regional branch of the Russian Red Cross, which purchases food packages for refugees and asylum seekers (be sure to indicate “Assistance to refugees” in the payment designation).

5. Support the UNHCR global fundraising campaign to combat the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus among internally displaced persons.

6. Observe isolation regimen to slow the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus,


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