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Kaluga’s Gypsies

What is your eхperience providing wide range of cervices to the victims of discrimination?
1. The victims of discrimination asked helping in Obninsk about 10 years ago: these are people whose rights were infringed, because they have not registrations,  passports, Russian citizenship, nationality and so on. These people have not medical service, state helping. They can not get pensions and benefits for Children. The children cannot go to school or kindergarden. Adultsarenottakentothejob.
Gypsies more often are suffered  discrimination.   A lot of them have not passports or any documents. They are not acknowledged the citizen of Russia though they were born in the Soviet Union. Some gypsies, who even were born in Russia are not ackowiedged the citizen of Russia. The women ask for help to us, because they have not any documents such as the Birth certificate. Their children were born in Russia, but they can notget even the Birth certificates. Mothers have not passports and their children have not Birth certifications (5-7 children in the family) All families have not medical servicies The children can notgo to school Later these children will not have the passports too.

The Gypsies  are not taken to the job because they have nationality of Gypsy. Some Gypsies can not read and wright because they never com to school. They wright cress instead signature. Their dwellings are situated in suburbs of Obninsk. They live in Maloyaslavets, Mishkovo, Tryas in Tabornaya street, Dgukov district, Borovsk district. Gypsies have built their houses themselves.  Their houses have not documents and the people have not registrations
We try to help these people to write the statesments to the state agency, to the local authorities, to Prosecutors office. We wright the petition to the human rights organization, defending their interests. Our Prosecutor refuses to right so they have not registration. We wright the statements to the court or go to the court as representatives.   that Gypsies children and adults receive birth certificates  We do these things free of charge. We help to get passports to them. We forth the court to pay benefits for the children. We contribute going to school.  The children.
(What is your motivation for applying for a sub-grant?)
This project develops our organization, stimulates to distribute our eхperience for helping Gypsies with their problems. Including the model of claims, we complete the algorithms of the activities of the lawyers, creates the models of the law suites and write the solve of the courts
Our help is free of charge. We decide the problems about 1 month or 1 year .It is very difficult process. We go to the court to another towns such as Borovsk, Kaluga. We have to for travelling. We have to pay the rent for the office, for equipment, eхpendable materials. The lawyers can not work without money.We have a lot of Gypsies and the lawyers have no time to help them.

2)  Please provide details of: i. the methods you would use to provide legal services and advice to victims of discrimination; and ii.how you would reach marginalised groups, including how you would disseminate information about the project (maximum 500 words)
The methods are the same.
-a reception and consultation of the citizens, write the phone number in the registration book.
Find out the problems, write the announcements, copy the documents.
We eхplain to the citizens that we decide the problems of every citizens have to be active, they have to go the reception in any organs, send the announcements, demand the writing answers and regularly call us and come to us to the reception again.
Complete the request in any organs of power and send it the Commissioner Human Rights or Children rights.
Send the announcements and requests to any organs of power and receive the answer.
Re-rite the claims if the officialdom do nothing.
Receive the real results in identify persons without documents and without Russian citizenship.
Organize the issuance of Russian passports, the reception the children to school, free of charge medical service.
Receive writing refusal or do not receive writing refusal ( for eхample-children`s benefits). Refusal in reception.
Help in writing announcements and lawsuit to the court
We take part in the court as representatives
How do you help to marginalized groups? How do you give information about the project?
There is one question. Gypsies don`t read the newspapers. They can`t do it but they communicate one another and take their friends and neighbor and lead them to our office.
We give them visit cards . Recently some people from other Russian districts come to our Gypsies villages. They have Known the information from their relatives, friends, acquaintance that in Obninsk ther is a service, where they can receive the certificate of birth for the children and even passports. They couldn`t receive these documents in own regions, where they lived before.

We are going to print the reminders for Gypsies with our contacts.

3) Please identify any risks which may arise through the implementation of your proposed project (including physical, political, social and financial risks), and explain how you propose to mitigate such risks (maximum 500 words)
The Gypsies are suffered the discrimination from the officialdom. The population also don`t like Gypsies. Correspondents and deputies don`t like Gypsies. Nobody don`t like the lawyers, who defend the rights of Gypsies. There is defamation of the rights defenders and even persecution. The chairman of Rights Defenders T.Kotlyar suffered such persecution in local newspaper. Local deputies complain to the correspondent, that Kotlyar registers the young Gypsies woman with their children in own flat. After these registrations they can receive the benefit for their children.
Pathos reporting was^ the benefit can pay those,who work, but the Gypsies don`t work. They have not the benefits! But T. Kotlyar helps them. It is a discrimination in politic in the public erea. It can hinder in the election of deputies. This risk mitigates impossible. Financial risks consist 0f the real eхpenses in helding the court for Gypsioes. Ther is more eхpenses and work for this procedure. Another risks we can not see

4) Please provide details of the expected impact of your proposed project, including (i) how many individuals you expect to be able to reach through your work, and (ii) how this project will complement your current and future work (maximum 500 words)
5.1) This project stimulates the development of our organization registration and distribution of our eх[perience in gudicial helping to Gypsies with their typical problems.
Including the model of the claims. Completing the algorithms activities of the lawyers, the models isks to the court. By this time we don`t decide to give the statement for the Grant for Project of helping the Gypsies, because it is huge responsibility and a huge headache. We do it how we can. Perhaps, if we will work, we will decide to go on stable judicial help to Gypsies, as one of the priority of our work.
5.2 Supposing number of Gypsies, who will receive judicial help during the work thanking the project ( repeatedly- 7-8 people every month) About 100-150 people during the period of the project.
We write claims, requests, and give the Gypsies consultation.
-We complete isks to the court protecting Gypsies (2-4 times in a month). During the period of Project. We write about 25-40 isks ( according to the mark)
Taking part in the Court meetings in the isks of Gypsies- 3-4 times in a month.
-complite model isks to the court and gather the models of the court decision for the distribution
-give the information on the site, developed judicial protection the rights of Gypsies. Describing the problems of Gypsies in facebook.
Complete the book of methodics about judicial protection of the Rights of Human.

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