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Get your free cookbook now!

Tastes from Home: Recipes from the Refugee Community

Just released to mark UNHCR’s 70th anniversary, “Tastes from Home” is filled with more than 100 pages of beautiful photos and recipes, each shared by a resilient individual who left their country of origin to make a home in Canada. This is your opportunity to experience the rich cultural backgrounds and traditions of former refugees through the food that has special meaning to them.

For every copy downloaded, an anonymous donor will be making a donation to UNHCR in support of refugees and their families. #CookWithRefugees

Show your support for refugees by downloading your free copy now.


Об авторе

Любовь Мосеева-Элье

юрист-правозащитница, многодетная мать и бабушка, блогерка

полная биография тут: http://antipytki.ru/expert/moseeva-ele-lyubov-aleksandrovna-helier-bk-ru/

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