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German refugee needs help

Marina R is a single mother from Germany, an asylum seeker in Russia (Kaluga Region).
Marina Reger lost her daughter 14 years ago in Germany. And now she is threatened with the removal of her 3-year-old son. Therefore, she left Germany and arrived in the Kaluga region, where 6 German families with WU status in the Maloyaroslavets District already live compactly.
However, the Kaluga Migration Police / UVM refused to grant refugee status.

Reger cannot go back to Germany: Germany put her on the wanted list, and there is a warrant for the child to extradite a minor to Germany.

R tried to apply for a work permit, but she still has documents in German only: translation of documents is required: from German to Russian.

The child’s birth certificate has a dash in the “father” column, therefore, the child will be separated by the German authorities in the foster family, despite the fact that the child has a mother.

This Marina urgently needs legal assistance: appeal the denial of refugee status.
She herself has no money: since 15.01, she even has nothing to pay for the apartment. And there is a threat that she will be on the street in winter in Russia.

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