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The United Nations Talent Programme for Professionals with Disabilities

Dear IDA Board and Programme Committee,


The United Nations Talent Programme for Professionals with Disabilities currently has 11 National Specialist Volunteer positions available for persons with disabilities who are nationals or legal residents of the duty station country.


The Talent Programme has asked IDA to assist in ensuring the call for applications reaches the local OPD/DPOs, and in connecting the local OPD/DPOs to the local UN duty stations that will be hosting the Specialist Volunteers.


Please do share the below email with your members in Burkina Faso, Kenya, Moldova, Mozambique, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Rwanda, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam, Zambia. 


Please also feel free to include the contact for Talent Programme staff member Rebecca Daniels +49 (0) 228 815 2102 rebecca.daniel@unv.org  who can put them in touch with the local UN duty station (her information is at the end of the email below).


Many thanks,





11 National Specialist Volunteer positions under the Talent Programme for Professionals with Disabilities now available!


8 new National Specialist UNV positions for persons with disabilities open until 5 July, see below for links and overview of Descriptions of Assignment:

  1. VNU Assistant( e ) en Communication with UNDP Burkina Faso
  2. UNV Disability Inclusion and M&E Assistant with UNDP Rwanda
  3. UNV Gender Based Violence Legal Specialist  with UNDP Zambia
  4. UNV Communications and Partnerships Assistant with UNV Kenya
  5. UNV Inclusive Child Rights Programming Officer  with UNICEF Mozambique
  6. UNV Community and Educational Programming Specialist  with UNICEF Republic of North Macedonia
  7. UNV Communications Specialist/ Content Creator  with UN Women Moldova
  8. UNV Programme and Inclusion Analyst with UN Women Nigeria

A further 3 positions for persons with disabilities, sent in a previous callout, are still open until 15 June:

— UNDP Thailand (as UNV Programme Officer),

— UN Women Timor-Leste (as UNV UNPRPD Monitoring and Evaluation Officer)

— UNICEF Vietnam (as UNV Child Rights Officer)


To be eligible, applicants must be a person living with a disability. As these are national Volunteer positions, only nationals of and legal residents with a residency permit in the respective countries of the available position, as well as persons with the status of refugee or of being stateless are eligible to apply. Also persons with disabilities from different nationalities than the above are strongly motivated to sign up in our Talent Pool. They can be considered for other UN Volunteers positions then in future.


All interested persons with disabilities should kindly sign up under the following link to the UNV Talent Pool. More information on these vacancies and the Talent Programme can be found at the following Webpage of the Talent Programme. Colleagues of the Talent Programme for Professionals with Disabilities can also be contacted via email: talent.programme@unv.org. Applications will only be received, though, through the UNV Talent Pool.


In 2019, at least 45 UN Volunteers with disabilities served across the UN family. We are working with our partners to grow these numbers. Please find their experiences following the links to articles and videos in the word document attached to this email.


Please forward this email and disseminate information about the Talent Programme for Professionals with Disabilities widely in your network of persons with disabilities!


Talent Programme Analyst | Human Resources Section


+49 (0) 228 815 2102  —  rebecca.daniel@unv.org

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