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Belarus 2020: Scientific and practical challenges in application of the principle of universal jurisdiction

Belarusian crisis has attracted attention of practitioners and scientists to the universal jurisdiction principle. The rationale for principle is based on the idea that certain crimes are so serious that they affect the whole international community with the result that States are obliged to bring proceedings against the perpetrators. The nature or gravity of such crimes rendered their suppression a joint concern of the international community. Many UN Member States have authorized their courts to exercise universal jurisdiction over one or more crimes under international law. Today the main question arises about possibilities and challenges in delivering justice by other States to victims of internationally persecuted crimes committed in Belarus where the State authorities declared impunity towards perpetrators.
Application of the principle of universal jurisdiction is related with many issues: when the principle is applicable? Which country can apply the principle and initiate the case?

Is its application in line with international human rights standards? What are possible procedural challenges?

Centre of Constitutionalism and Human Rights of the European Humanities University organizes the discussion on possible application of the principle of the universal jurisdiction to breaches of law that are taking place in Belarus.

Interpretation between English and Russian languages will be available.

Draft agenda:
— Impossibility to seek justice in Belarus
— How to solve the problem of impunity in Belarus? — Viktoria Fedorova, a head of the NGO «Initiative»
— Introduction to the universal jurisdiction concept and tool — Mikola Gnatovskyy, head of the CoE Committee against Torture
— How does the UJ institute work in other legal systems?
— Which country has the right and the obligation to initiate the case?
— Main procedural issues in applying the principle

Seminar will take place on Nov 4, at 10:00-12:30 Vilnius time (9:00-12:30CET, 11.00-13:30 Minsk)

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